Baran Do Sages

Thousands of years before the Kel Dors joined the Galactic Republic, they developed their own Force tradition—the Baran Do, practitioners of which were called Sages. Since their inception, the Baran Do acted as advisors and seers to the leaders of Kel Dor society. Initially, the Sages used the Force to amplify their natural senses, allowing them to detect dangerous weather phenomena in advance, saving the lives of countless Kel Dors by warning of impending natural disasters. However, as the Baran Do began to spend more time meditating on the nature of the Force, they found they could see into the future, and they became all the more valuable to Kel Dor society by preventing wars and stopping catastrophes long in advance. This led to many Sages taking government positions and acting in a more official role.

This all changed with the coming of the Galactic Republic and the Jedi. In the past, Kel Dor families sent Force-sensitive children to learn from, and train with, the Baran Do Sages, but in joining the Republic the children were exposed to the Jedi who took them, as was their custom, to be trained as Jedi. The Jedi’s training regimen and more thorough understanding of the Force eclipsed those of the Baran Do, and so the Sages fell into obscurity as their power dwindled, until they were gradually forgotten by the rest of the galaxy. Even on Dorin, the Kel Dor homeworld, the Sages disappeared from public view and those rare Kel Dor aware of their existence considered them nothing more than eccentric wizards. This obscurity was to prove their saving grace, as the Sages, who had apparently disappeared from the galaxy long ago, were unaffected by the Great Jedi Purge to wipe out Force-sensitive beings across the galaxy.

The Baran Do Sages, though relatively few in number and forgotten about, still survived due to their recruitment of Force-sensitive Kel Dor, or traditional families sending their children to learn from the Sages.

Baran Do philosophy and methodology centered on finding inner peace and calm, and growing closer to the Force by heeding it. The Sages counseled against rash action, and spent a great deal of time in meditation, contemplating the mysteries of the Force. Many confused the Sages’ emphasis on meditation and contemplation for apathy or a reluctance to act, but in actuality they were merely waiting for the precise, perfect moment to act, as dictated by the Force.

The Baran Do, unlike the Jedi did not consider themselves to be a “militant” order. They did not construct and wield lightsabers, nor were they required to train in combat. They did however have the option of learning certain martial arts, though the only weapon they commonly trained in was a simple wooden staff.

Baran Do Sages

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