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  • Interplanetary Expeditions

    Interplanetary Expeditions, or IPX, is a multi-planetary corporation which funds research and archaeological expeditions to explore ancient ruins and uncharted worlds in the interest of salvaging advanced technology from extinct civilisations.

  • Alpha Omega III

    Alpha Omega III is a blasted, charred wasteland orbiting a white dwarf star in the Outer Rim. Evidence indicates that it was once habitable but not in known memory. Every known landing on Alpha Omega III has ended badly as most people who have walked …

  • Dr Dack Summers

    aka High Priest Ananias A one time lead anthropologist hired by [[Interplanetary Expeditions | Interplanetary Expeditions]] for a number of projects. His imployment ended with the ill fated trip to Alpha Omega III. After this event Dr.Summers …

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