Last Jedi

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So this is the beginning.

Searching Light Monastery, the planet Dorin. Home of the Baran Do Sages and Grand Master Iirn.

Dorin: Climate: Tempperate (low oxygen) Gravity: Standard Moons: 1 LoD: 22 standard hours LoY: 409 standard days Sapient Species: 100% Kel Dor Government: Representative Republic Capital: Dor’shan Major Exports: None Major Imports: Technology

The Players are requested to attend an audience with the Grand Master. The hall is made of hewn from lining stone and is lit by simple candle lanterns along the wall. Wood support beams have been placed along the walls and lend wait to the air warmth and peace. A simple incense is noticeable in the air. Three Kel Dor sit on pillows in the hall. Thou three are dressed in simple brown robes, the center one is obviously the Grand Master Iirn, who projects an air of tranquil wisdom. Behind the Grand Master and to his right sits Master Koon. Farther behind and to the left is a lesser ranked Sage novice attending a tea service.

The Grand Master waits for the PC to be seated. Then begins… “I am Master Iirn and this is Master Koon.” Koon bows slightly.

“My apologies, but we must bring your presence on Dorin to an end. I do not ask you to go out of some form of malice, if we could shelter you from the storm that is coming, we would. It simply remains that if the future unfolds in a way that gives greatest chance for a return to a balance, your party must leave soon. The local Imperial commander is some what lacking in his abilities, and will be easy to slip by. In ten days time he replaced with a more competent being. The person may catch you if you try to leave under his watch.”

The Grand Master pauses and sips his tea, then continues. “I can see three paths. One is to seek out the Rangers. They may be able to provide guidance in what you seek. The second path is heading to Mrisst. The Government nor the University bodies harbour no ill will toward you and also may guide you to what you seek. There is a third path, as there almost away is, but it is clouded path and full of uncertainty. There is an old saying, “the truth is a three edged sword.” I pray that you do not slip on edges.

“Thou this is a Dark Time in the galaxy I now must ask from you a task. Long a go, an ancient evil was thought to have been slain and cast out of the light. This assumption was largely correct. But a sliver of this ancient malignant force has survived to this day.” “Previously, the Jedi stood watch for such eventualities. But they are no more and this thing has slipped out again into the stars. We are not certain of its desires, as it is very alien by its very nature. If it not stopped as soon, many things that may come to pass will be at risk.” “Confirmation is required and we know ask for you to seek it out for us. We ask not that you confront such a thing, which would risk every thing that you are. We simply ask, in your travels, if you see hear of such a thing please send word back to us.”

From this point the party desided to head to Scintilla.


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