Dr. Pagda Jasst

Mrrlsi scholar and student of the Force


Long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away. The Timpani sector…

The birth of any member of the influential noble house of Jasst on Mrlssi would have been noted with interest by many in the upper circles of the Timpani Sector. They held, after all, an impressive handful of influential patents in cybernetics and biotechnology which afforded them wealth, prestige and rank within the auspicious Mrlsst Academy.

Naturally then, when the scions of this line gave birth to the shell-twins Pagda and Dagwa many eyes turned their way. Although fledgling twins were not uncommon among a clutch, the birth of twins from the same egg was a rare and portentous event. The fledgling’s curious plumage, one bone white the other black as night and each with a tiny crest of the opposing color flaring back from their brow, only served to ignite speculation and rumor regarding the houses fortunes.
Nevertheless, as the twins were raised into the traditional lifestyle of the Mrlssi nobility interest slackened. The fledglings themselves were clearly gifted and nearly inseparable. They developed, played, grew and learned together becoming so close that they often completed each other’s sentences. Yet as they grew, differences became apparent. Dagwa was silent and strong willed, her piercing gaze seeming to penetrate to the very soul, where Pagda was light hearted and loquacious.

They both changed immensely when the Jedi came to claim Dagwa.

Dr. Pagda Jasst

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